Sunday, June 12, 2005

Sci-fi Crazy!

Ok...I've spoken about Dr Who before, about how I hated it and now I'm really loving it...I still am! I'm a bit confused about bad Wolf...not really sure if it wasanythign portentious but the episode last night was great! All those daleks...whats going to happen? And will we see the new Doctor next week....too exciting!

We went to see Star Wars 3 this morning and thepower and the brain strikes again! I had convinced myself it was going to be awful but it turned out much better than I expected! I didn't realise Anakin was going to get all his limbs hacked off and then set on fire so that was a surprise! George Lucas managed to excel himself with poor dialogue again but at least it wasn't as bad as Star Wars 2!

The trailers included items for Batman Begins and Fantastic 4 and they both looked great! Its really good to see Hollywood appreciating a good superhero story at last!

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