Sunday, June 19, 2005

The sign of true Britishness

Forgetting the sun cream and thinking "we'll be fine without it"! My wife has very pink knees and a weird pattern on her feet from her sandals and I have pink forearms and a very sore left leg (my right one is fine though!).

Spent the entire day sitting in the sun and eating...firstly at Kath's mums and then at Kath's dads. Strawberry overload but its difficultto say no. Kath's mum must have thought she was feeding the five thousand as there was far too much food! I did manage to acquire a copy of 'Mrs Beeton's Cookery and Household Management' though. Its really good especially when you realise she wrote it in 1859.

One phrase she used in the preface to the first edition always makes me laugh, in her words "I have always thought that there is no more fruitful source of family discontent than a housewife's badly cooked dinners anduntidy ways" Not entirely politically correct but very much of her time. The book literally covers everything about running a house from buying or building one to decorating, childrens illnesses, recipes, etiquette and much more...truly amazing!

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