Sunday, June 12, 2005

In a bit of a jam

It's generally accepted that I'm a good cook. I can whip up something tasty quick and I have a good knowledge on what goes well with what. Leave me in a book shop and I'll generally gravitate to the cookery section. I don't know whether this due to talent or the fact that I've had a lot of practice I don't know. Fortunately in this house doing all the cooking means that I more or less avoid any other housework...ok, I'll do a spot of ironing from time to time but generally I miss out.

Kath decided that she would cook for me yesterday and I must say it was delicious! Strange smells wafted form the kitchen and she looked very red faced when I poked my head around the door but all in all a success. The extremely strong margheritas helped as well.

Having missed out on the cooking yesterday I thought I would do extra duty today and really I'm not too pleased with the results....the problem is this...I can't do jam! Its either runny and water or like tar! Take the blueberry jam I made this won't come out the jar! I keep trying to preserve things but it ends up a disaster. I'm either too cautious and whip it off the heat before its reached the setting point or I take my eye off the ball and BAM! it take a pneumatic drill to get it off the pan. If anyone is reading this is stuck for birthday present ideas head over to my wish list and get me a jam book!

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