Tuesday, June 07, 2005

A weekend away

The power of the mind is a great thing. Having convinced myself that having to spend the entire weekend (Friday night to Sunday evening) engaged in stag festivities would end up being less positive than negative, I am pleased to report we had a great time!

Highlights include: chatting to Chris and Emma in their new house until the early hours of Saturday morning, not spending any money on awful horror DVDs, drinking all afternoon and having a meal at the end for only £30, really getting along with people I previously wouldn’t have wanted to be stuck in a lift with, discovering new depths to Dr Who (and the fact that everyone seems to be loving the new series), the appearance of 2 drunk fairies halfway through a viewing of The Beast Must Die , the smugness felt when Dracula vs. Frankenstein turned out to be rubbish (I wanted to watch the original House of Wax), no hangover at all, a nice quick lunch in Burton Joyce with the Sunley-Pinhorns (of Burton Joyce) and discovering that we can get home from Burton Joyce in just over 2 hours!

We shall be seeing the same crowd again at the Sunley-Pinhorn nuptials at the start of July…where is the year going?

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