Sunday, June 26, 2005


After months of badgering our dance teacher finally managed to drag us to one of their medal presentation dos and I must say we had a great time! We arrived a little after it had started because we'd been watching the tennis (Andy Murray lost but it was a great match!). That tuned out to be a mistake as the place was packed. We perched ourselves in the bar area but soon were spotted by Pat who match-maked with some other young couples and were squeezed onto their table. God bless her for interfering as we met some nice folks who liked dancing too (obvious really as they were at this event)

I managed to dodge entering the Adult/Juvenile mixed competition as there were too many adults but Kath got a bit confused with the taps on the shoulder. A tap was a good thing! The upshot was the Kath danced in one of the finals when she'd already been knocked out of the heat! Brilliant!

We got awarded our Bronze medal for the exam we took and as is usual in any of these situations the presenter couldn't get the name right! "Caple rhymes with Staple". I suppose its difficult for people in Suffolk as a lot of little villages around here are called Capel St. Something and its pronounced the same way. One of the other couples were collecting their third pre-bronze medal and they suggested that if we wanted to enter competitions that we should delay completing our pre-bronze for as long as possible so we could compete in the easier competitions. Sounds like good advice if entering comps was what we wanted to do..which I'm not sure it is...anyway...

The other couple we were sat with were collecting their Silver medal for Salsa. They did a demo for everyone at the end and they were fantastic! She was only 15 and Kath and I couldn't believe it! We were trying to work out his age but I guess he could be anywhere between 20-30.

Jenny roped us into entering the competitions on the night and we ended up dancing in the Waltz and Cha-Cha. Amazingly we passed both heats and got into the Grand Finals for both! Gareth was telling us that we were in the finals over and above another couple he kew that dance in open competitions! Anyway we got awarded sixth place for Waltz and fourth place for Cha-Cha...not bad for our first foray! Gareth and Claire came forst in both so our table was doing very well that night! The table also won 3 of the raffle prizes, talk about lucky!

The presentation did go on a while though as the competitions were all split into a million age groups (slight exaggeration). We finally got home at about 11 and decided it would be a good time to watch CSI:NY, which I must say has really grown on me, although Danny is really annoying and it was good to see him come a cropper last night!

Ooops better to see batman Begins this morning!

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