Friday, July 01, 2005

Data Overload!

For once I've got loads I want to put in my blog but I've just had no time! And even as I write this I am acutely aware of the time as I've got loads to do today. The thing is if I don't blog now I won't for a few days. The Pinhorn-Sunley nuptials are tomorrow and thats why I'm busy. In about 3 hours the first house guests will arrive and the house is a mess and I haven't done any baking!

Kath's at work and she's usually really good at getting me to stop flapping (this usually involves her telling me to sit down while she sorts stuff out but it gets the job done). Anyway deep breaths, get this blog done and we'll be fine!

Something that looks really interesting but I am having problems accessing is Google Earth. Its basically a collection of all the Earth satellite photos joined together in one big map! I need to keep visting the site to see when the beta re-opens.

City of Heroes has kind of petered out. The game shines when you can team up with people online and fight the forces of evil but my infrequent playing schedule has meant potential team mates have levelled way past me and I need to keep finding new ones...which has proved difficult. I think unless it improves soon I'll cancel my subscription and move onto something else. Speaking of which I've spotted a new MMORPG which looks promising...with a name like Yohoho! PuzzlePirates you can't go wrong! You're supposed to subscribe to it and pay a monthly fee but so far I can't see what extra I will get. It's this type of game that would be dangerous to let Kath near as its made up of all the types on online puzzles she likes...if you do go online for a trial and spot a pirate called Bobbyblade on the Cobalt ocean say hello! I chose that name after the Pirate name generator (unrelated to puzzlepirates I might add) came up with Barney the Pink! I think not.

The last thing I wanted to touch on (the wedding singing rehearsal woes can wait until after the wedding methinks) was this site and some amazing 3d drawings drawn on pavements around the world. Truly astonishing! Although he does seem to have a penchant for Diana...strange man!

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