Wednesday, July 27, 2005


Had one of those days...managed to get nothing done at work that I wanted to do and the whole re-org mess is starting to get me down! I need a pep talk from someone that's for certain! Also slightly annoyed that I seem to be 3 birthday cards short (mentioning no names) this year.

Getting a bit fed up with my blog too. Have 2 of the damn things (the other is here) is startig to be a trial as there are streams of consciousness that I'm not sure where they should sit and really I don't write enough to justify two I don't think. So now my next challenge is to try and merge the buggers so I don't lose all my posts.

Also I'm getting annoyed by the darkness of my template! It just seems gloomy but try as I might I can't seem to change the buggering colour! I may have to save the bits of my template that I like (the links etc) and copy them into a new template. I'm thinking something light and airy like over at I'll have to ponder.

Also I managed to cook something form one of my birthday books but I can't be bothered to upload the pictures...suffice it to say it was yummy and should probably be mentioned in my other blog (bugger!)

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