Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Peel me like an orange!

The aftermath of the sunburn a few weekends ago is finally coming home to roost! My entire leg seems to be peeling off and I seem to leave a trail of flaky skin wherever I go! I can't resist a good scratch and that usually means a nice sprinkling of skin is left in my wake!

In other news Alex has posted his pictures of the wedding and you can check them out here. It really was a fab day and I hope R&R are having a great honeymoon as I type this. the wedding ended up costing me more than expected however as the hotel's luxurious feather duvet and pillows meant that I spent the remainder of my bonus money on a new feather duvet and pillows for home. Bye bye artificial filling, hello goose down!

In other news I finally managed to download Google Earth and its amazing! If you've got broadband I would heartily reccomend you download it and see for yourself. Kath reckons its like being on CSI, you can zoom in to virtually anywhere on the planet and see cars and buildings. Admittedly the US coverage is better but even so its an eye opener. Check it out!

We've just discovered Family Guy and its great! They've even got a blog! Although annoyingly their website won't open in Firefox!! Why don't people test it in something other than IE! Damn you Microsoft!

Finally (as I want to have a quick session on Puzzle Pirates) go check out the wife's blog! Its here. Post comments to encourage her to write more...I think its hilarious, she's not so sure!


Niles said...

You've only just discovered Family Guy!? How did Chris let you get away with that?

The creators of FG have also just started a new serial called American Dad, which is almost identical and totally different all at the same time.

I'm with you on the goose down... but can't pursuade him indoors.

Leigh said...

I know...but we are loving it now...only watched first 7 episodes of Series 1 and we're hooked.

Can't wait for the new duvet to arrive either...hooray!