Friday, July 22, 2005


I've gone camping mad! I can't stop thinking about tents and campsites and equipment and all the rest of it!

Hopefully today (birthday -1) we'll go and buy the tent of our dreams. All the stuff I've read has instructed me not to buy a tent until I've sat in it and seen it erected. So once my Mum and Nan arrive we'll be off tent shopping!

Picking one has been tough but I think I've identified the one we want. As far as i can tell its about middle price point for a 4 man tent. there are some very exclusive looking ones here. The point is with these is that they almost put themselves up! At £300 though I think we'll give that a miss. Fingers crossed the one I think I want will be nice in reality and not just look good in pictures....

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Niles said...

Looks good! Happy birthday!