Sunday, July 10, 2005

Green Fingers

Originally uploaded by Leighbob.
Kath mentioned on her blog that I had got my enthusiasm back for gardening and she's right! A poorly time piece of weather that caused my Acer to sprout and then get killed by frost had dampened my spirits but a bit of spare cash and a visit to the garden centre has got me excited again!

Spent a few hours sorting stuff out and its looking pretty top notch again. A nice new parsol means that I can spend time in it without frying in the sun (my garden is very sheltered and gets very hot). I'm even trying to grow tomatoes!

The Acer has been moved to the back door but I get the impression we're going to have to wait til next spring to see if it comes back to life again...I hope so I really like that plant. A buddlieh (spelling?) has taken its place (as seen in the photo next to the bench) so hopefully we'll be getting butterflies as well!

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