Thursday, July 28, 2005

Green eyed Monster

Ok I'm jealous! Alex's new blog looks fab and it has the features I want! I don't want 2 separate blogs I want a blog that allows me to categorise my posts so that someone can read only the bits interesting to them!

I've also decided to stop updating my food blog so I can merge it with this one. Then I need to talk to Alex and find out how I can host WordPress and what I need to do. Writing this blog started out as somethign it was hard to do but now I want it to look the best it can and meet my needs...Blogger is getting too difficult (changing the template is a pain in the arse!) I hope Alex doesn't mind but it seems like he leads and I follow at the moment! No doubt if I move blogs Kath will move as well...the question is dos Blogger annoy me enough to go through the hassle of changing it all? Hmmmm....

Using the Le Creuset for the first time, cooking a lovely soup. Fingers crossed it all works out OK!

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