Monday, July 25, 2005


Just had a moderately successful first fire in the new Chiminea, although I do smell of smoke now. I think the next one needs smaller twigs (the log I used was a little ambitious) and better kindling (Scrunched up Whats On TV clearly didn't fit the bill). It's only saving grace (and the reason it stay lit at all) was the Ocote Mayan Firesticks I used. These are basically twigs with a high oil contan so they light easily and stay lit for longer.

Still my chim does need easing in so its probably best that my fire wasn't a roaring success! (sigh)

I'm not sure what possessed me to sor that out tonight...I've just got back form shopping and it was shit. Asda had barely anything in so I ended up going to Tesco as well. I hate it when that happens! I suppose I could have tucked into my new Gamecube game, Killer 7 (birthday presnt from my brother, thank you Jamie!) but the video was about to kick in to record Silent Witness and a complex arrangement of wires, boxes and scart connections means I can't play games and record at the same time! Silent Witness is getting the vide treatment as Kath is at a women only rehearsal for the show.

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