Sunday, July 24, 2005

Chim-chiminy, chim-chiminy, chim-chim chiminea

Originally uploaded by Leighbob.
This was one of the many presnts I was lucky enought o receive on my birthday this year. Mum was a little concerned at how big it is (it barely fit in her car for the journey from Derby) and truth be told it is a little big for the garden. No matter, we'll all get very hot when I light it...hooray! Can't wait to give it a go nut unfortunately its pissing it down at the moment...89% humidity outside according to my new weather station (I was certainly spoilt this year!!)


Kat said...

How cool are you! Two Blogs. Addictive isn't spying! Any idea how you change the links thingy as I want to pop some on but have no idea.

Leigh said...

Edit your template off the dashboard. Quite fiddly to be honest but if you scroll down you should be able to see the ones that are already in there and modify them or copy and paste to make more!