Sunday, July 24, 2005


Its been a hectic couple of days so I don't really know where to start....

My mum and nan finally arrived around 1pm on Friday so the birthday weekend could start proper. Prior to that Kath had been galivanting around getting stuff ready and even finding time to go to Debenhams and sort out our duvet problem. I think I mentioned it a few posts ago that we'd decided to order a goose feather duvet. I ordered the thing from Debenhams Direct and it had failed to materialise. The pillows arrived Ok (well as OK as they could be after being thrown over the back fence) but of the duvet there was no sign. I got a letter saying it was on its way but still no duvet. Eventually I got fed up and sent them an email, the next day I got the lovely "Thank you for your email" email and a message saying someone would deal with it in the next 5 days. Finally I get an email saying...

"Due to high demand, we are now out of stock of the following items. Please accept our apologies. Unfortunately we do not expect to be able to obtain any more stock. We hope this isn't too inconvenient for you."

This was after they had accepted my order and after they had sent me a confirmation letter advising me it was on its way!! I was annoyed but not as annoyed as Kath who was ready to complain to the chairman of Debenhams himself!

Fortunately the shop had them in stock and apologised for the rubbishness of Debenhams Direct so now we have a feather duvet, much thinner than I expected but very warm!! Which is just as well as the weather seems to have taken a turn for the worse!

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