Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Only me....

Just a couple of things today as I need to be quick...the missus and I are going to a play tonight so we need to leave sharpish when she gets home from work if we're to fit in a bit of dinner first.

I noticed this site that has you try and guess the next words in news stories, pretty interesting but I was crap at the hard setting...must try easy setting at some point.

Also the BBC website has its own magazine/blog type thing and the editors column is usually very can be found here.

Also I want to do another plug for Google Earth. It is amazing! I discovered today that I can see my sister in laws house in its glory and that in selected US cities you can make all the buildings 3D and fly around! Although I notice that the White House is jarringly low resolution when compared with the rest of Washington DC. Perhaps there's a law against photographing the White House from space with spy satellites...dunno...

Alex texted me today as he was watching an old episode of House of Elliott on the telly. My abiding memory of that show was the cheesy, jolly theme tune and how inappropriately it was used! Usually each episode would end with something very dramatic and then the 20s styled brassy tune would kick you end up with something like..."Its worse than that Miss Evie...I'm pregnant" ya ta ta ta ta ta ta-dah, ya ta da ta da ta dah. Brilliant!

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